How Would Be Android in Coming Years?

Now a days around 1 billion of people are using android in the world. Android was first launched in the year 2005. The Android mobile operating system is currently developed by the Google. Mainly the Android is open source. It can be installed on devices of various types. The app development is also becoming a big challenge for the mobile app development companies in Florida, New York and all over the world as the mobile operating systems especially the Android has been continually evolving. If we just look towards iOS, the iPhone app development companies in Charlotte and other American cities are also facing the same kind of challenges.

Android developers need to keep in mind when developing the android app, the app should be compatible with all latest devices. Now a days in the mobile market there are different models are introduced, it is obvious that the some devices are outdated. So when developing apps for those devices, it is more risky to the developers, so that the developers need to know changes in that and they should be updated.

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Source: How Would Be Android in Coming Years?


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