Big Data for Marketing? You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.| By |Eric Wittlake


big data for marketing

The data that informs your marketing today is probably the equivalent of a few quick notes quickly jotted down on a sticky note on your desk.

I know, I know, we have more data than ever before. We have so much data we’ve even coined a name for using it. But five years from now, we’ll look back at “Big Data for marketing” and chuckle at how worked up we got over so little. Why?

The data we have today is just a tiny sliver of the data we will be swimming in soon.

Some of this new data may be terrifying. But the data we have today was terrifying in concept just 10 years ago. As we have in the past, we will come to accept that much of this data will be available in some form to marketers and other organizations. And as marketers, data and the technology…

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