Researchers find another terrifying iOS flaw


Boy shouting at smart phone

It can?t have escaped your attention that security experts have declared open season on Apple products over the last few weeks. At San Francisco?s RSA conference, an even more terrifying exploit has been revealed that has the power to send your iPhone or iPad into a perpetual restart loop. Mobile security firm Skycure has discovered that iOS 8 has an innate vulnerability to SSL certificates that, when combined with another WiFi exploit, gives malicious types the ability to create ?no iOS zones? that can render your smartphones and tablets unusable. Before you read on, grab a roll of tinfoil and start making a new case for your iPhone.

Broadly speaking, any app that uses SSL certificates ? which is almost all of them ? can be fed a dummy certificate that causes it to crash. If, however, you can feed that same dodgy data into the operating system itself…

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