Mobile App Revenue Is Higher Than Hollywood| By |Andrew Gazdecki



Mobile app revenue is off the charts! According to a recent study performed by Asymco, revenue for mobile apps is bigger than all of the combined domestic (US) box office of Hollywood movie studios. How? Well, these figures seem to be incredibly indicative of the world we live in. Less and less people are going to the movies, preferring to wait or torrent them instead. Meanwhile, the mobile app industry continues to grow exponentially.

Hollywood is now focusing on the international market in an effort to increase release profits. Now, summer blockbusters can take in as much as 70 percent of their worldwide total from international releases. There’s a reason Transformers four took place in and was focused on China. The recent box office records we’ve seen are largely because of the international markets.

Last year Apple paid out $10 billion to developers and Google paid out $3…

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