Learn to code | Pass it on

Jeff St. Andre

Courtesy of Code.org Photo courtesy of Code.org

Being a technologist, I love seeing the integration of technology into our everyday lives to make things more efficient. I love seeing the coolest new tech and what it can do to better the world. What better way to understand technology than to learn how to speak its language. Coding promotes logical thinking, creativity, and most-importantly problem solving skills. Creating projects through coding is also a great way to promote STEM, art, and entrepreneurial thinking.  If you go to code.org/promote, you can see several interesting infographics, including startling statistics about females involved in computer science versus males. The main infographic on that page is the one that leads this post. In 2020, there will be an estimated 1.4 million computing jobs, while at that same time there will only be an estimated 400,000 computer science students. In a field that is underserved and has salaries that are much higher than…

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