Everything Valve does is because of Steam


Why is Valve getting into virtual reality? Why is Valve making Steam Machines and the Steam Controller? Why did Valve make its own Linux-based operating system? Why did Valve make the Steam Controller? Why is Valve releasing its game engine, Source, for free? It’s the Steam economy, stupid!

Valve’s game store boasts “over 125 million active accounts worldwide.” How does Valve keep growing that store? By literally everything else it does. Here’s Valve president Gabe Newell explaining it to us last week at GDC 2015:

“We’re trying to build standard interfaces and standard implementations that other people can use. Because, to be honest, we’re going to make our money on the back end, when people buy games from Steam. Right? So we’re trying to be forward-thinking and make those longer-term investments for PC gaming that are going to come back a couple years down the road.”

That’s a very

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